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Jackson Meadow restoration in Marine on St. Croix boosted by volunteers, DNR grant and contractors

October 09, 2020

Neighborhood volunteers are taking part in the restoration of prairie lands starting Sunday with the aid of a $56,000 grant from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as well as professional help from contractors and planners.

The Jackson Meadow Neighborhood Association is making an effort with the City of Marine on St. Croix to restore part of their land by removing non-native species while reinforcing wetlands, reseeding grasslands and supporting appropriate shrubs and trees, according to DNR officials. In partnership with Critical Connections Ecological Services Inc. as well as Landbridge Ecological, 30 acres of land are planned to be restored within two and a half years.

Art Installation Brings a Community Together

August 17, 2017

Residents stand, transfixed, inside a translucent inflated structure—one that clearly imitates the architecture of their own homes. From this vantage point, they can see every house in their community. Soft light illuminates the interior, the result of short videos projected from outside onto two of the structure’s four walls. At first, the images in the video loop are unclear—their only distinctive and shared element is fire. The people stand in this inflatable house that is like theirs, looking at the houses that are theirs, and meditate on the fire. They talk late into the night.

Where nature and neighborhood blend together harmoniously

July 19, 2017

Jackson Meadow is a unique planned neighborhood in Marine on St. Croix where nature and trails are right outside the front doors and where the architecture makes the bucolic setting feel like a Scandinavian village. “A lot of families with kids love living in Jackson Meadow because it’s so safe and easy for the kids to play outdoors,” said developer Harold Teasdale. “ All of the residents can quickly walk in the woods, bike on a trail and spend time in nature.”

Minnesota subdivisions designed for the Instagram age

July 08, 2017

Johnson lives in one of the Instagrammable subdivisions with first-class architecture that sprang to life beginning in the 1990s. Not all of them worked as well as planned, and many who moved there even came to despise such planner-driven brainstorms as communal mailboxes, designed to get residents to mingle but hard to reach during blizzards. Many remain studded with empty lots.

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2008 American Society of Landscape Architects Award, Minnesota Chapter
Cosgriff Residence, Jackson Meadow Community, Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota
2005 American Institute of Architects Urban Design Award, National
2004 Wood Design Award, National
2001 American Society of Landscape Architects Award, National
2000 American Institute of Architects Center for Livable Communities, PIA Award, National
1999 American Institute of Architects Honor Award
1999 American Society of Landscape Architects Award, Minnesota