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Wetland Treatment System

The Jackson Meadow treatment system is called a subsurface flow constructed wetland. This unique and innovated constructed wetland is used to treat and dispose of the sewage from all homes in the community.


A wetland treatment system differs from a standard septic system because the water is treated before it applied to the soil. The process starts with septic tanks. The septic tanks are much larger for Jackson Meadow because the wastewater from 32 homes is processed for treatment – not just one home.

After setting, the liquid is pumped into a constructed wetland for treatment. This wetland consists of a plastic liner, gravel bed, and insulating mulch layer. Wetland plants and bacteria work in concert to purify the water as is flows through the cell. The water level is kept below the top mulch layer so that no water is exposed during the treatment process.


After treatment in the wetland cell, the water is discharged into an unlined infiltration bed. The pretreated water undergoes additional treatment (polishing) as it percolates down through the soil.

Jackson Meadow - Wetland Treatment System - Smitten Real Estate Group | Bill Smitten
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